All with a comedic twist, this video series explores real-life scenarios which make understanding difficult concepts seem easy and relevant

The series was inspired by real-life events and takes you through different examples of the schemes cyber criminals use to target your users. StandUps 4 Security goes behind the scenes and tells the true story of the Goliath & Goliath Comedy Club hack

A different security topic is addressed in each of the episodes with corresponding quizzes and include:


A Goliath Hack

In this episode, Goliath & Goliath tell us how they fell victim to a 'change of bank details scam' and how this could've been avoided


Catching the Big Phish

Spearphishing is one of the most common cybercrime tactics. Jason Goliath shows us how easy it is to catch the big phish


Social Media Oversharing

If you wouldn't post it on a billboard, why would you share it on Social Media? Nina Hastie teaches us what NOT to share on Social

The Dark Web Pop-Up

The Dark Web is real, and a playground for cybercriminals. Let Donovan Goliath show you around his Dark Web Pop-up shop

Cybercrime Promo

Cybercrime can affect anyone, anywhere and has the capability to ruin lives. This episode describes this seedy underworld and how you can be affected

Behind the Scam with Loyiso Madinga

In Behind the Scam, Loyiso Madinga and Robby Collins shows us how easy it is to scam people by asking for a few personal details

Open Secrets - A Password Exhibition

This episode shows the importance of password privacy and what can happen if your passwords are left exposed

Don't Trust Anybody - CEO Scam

You shouldn't take correspondence at face value. Nina Hastie takes a look at how to identify CEO Scams