This fun, story-based training engages viewers in a playful cartoon-animated manner. Multiple, short training episodes connected by a continuing storyline allow for key messages to be absorbed into long-term memory

A different security topic is addressed in each of the episodes with corresponding quizzes and include:

Something Phishy

This first episode in the series looks at spotting and avoiding phishing and spear-phishing attacks, and general security responsibility

Mobile Mayhem

Understand the value of data on mobile devices (USB sticks, laptops and phones)

Pass the Password

Provide users with tips on how to create and remember strong passwords

Breaking the Barrier

The importance of physical security is explored and includes tailgating, clean desk and network access

Phishious Malicious

How to browse the internet safely to avoid threats as well as avoiding pirated or cracked software

Dicey Devicey

Delve into the importance of reporting lost devices, applying remote wipe; strong passwords and pin codes

Freaky Leaky

The module also looks at accidental data loss and the sharing of data from work to private platforms

Cloudy With a Chance of Phish

In this module, we see how app permissions often go unnoticed and how to use Cloud apps safely without harming sensitive information

Social Media Fever

By divulging too much information on social media sites you become an easy target for cybercriminals