When you think about cybercrime you may be under the impression that hackers are only after the BIG Bucks! But as one of our team members (lets call her Jane) found out, sometimes a hacker just wants a couple of dollars of Skype calls, and your login details...here’s what unfolded.

Here's How Easy It Is To Get Hacked

Upon arriving at work, Jane’s colleague (Sarah) asked Jane about the missed call she had from her Skype account over the weekend. Not thinking much of it, Jane assumed it was a pocket dial or one of her kids had the phone (it’s happened before).

Chris (yet another colleague) mentioned that he had received a cute puppy gif, hmmmm... Alarm bells started ringing. Jane has been in this industry long enough to know something was wrong. She tried to log in to Skype and failed. While trying to recover the account, she could see that the associated email address was no longer hers.

Her Skype account had been hacked!

After failed attempts to recover her account, she reached out to Skype support who requested that she try again in 24 hours. That evening $25 was debited from her Bank account. The Skype settings were set to auto-reload credit once funds had run out. After waiting 24 hours (as instructed by Skype) she was was again unsuccessful in recovering her account.

She contacted Skype support again, and they permanently blocked the account. There is no way of recovering it now and hopefully, the hacker can’t either. To recover the $25, she was told to contact her bank. Luckily no other funds were deducted.

How to Keep Your Accounts Safe

  1. Check on https://haveibeenpwned.com and change your password if you’ve been compromised.
  2. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.
  3. Don’t ignore emails alerting you that your details have been changed on a particular account. Don’t click on links in these emails but go directly to the account to check.
  4. Use two-factor authentication.

Why You Should Be Vigilant

Sometimes criminals don’t need a big monetary motive to steal, some of them just get a kick out of being able to do it, and as we’ve seen before, once they have access to your details these can be sold on the dark web for a pretty penny.