Here is an example of social engineering at its best, and unfortunately it happened to someone we know!

We all know that feeling we get when we experience terrible customer service, and one of the best places to express dismay with a brand, is on Social Media.

A German car had been to the dealership multiple times but still came back with aircon issues…unacceptable. So this was posted to a customer complaints platform by a gentleman, where he signed off with both his name and surname.

Within 24 hours the dealer contacted him, confirmed his wife’s details and an arrangement was made for a mechanic to collect the car from the wife’s workplace to take care of the aircon issue once and for all…how convenient.

Dressed in branded clothing, the mechanic was on time and in the corporate reception to get the keys, which the wife was more than happy to hand over. Finally her car was getting fixed! Unbeknown to her, that would be the last time she’d ever see her car!

The criminal used the name and surname of the husband (the CEO of his own company), googled him, got a phone number, the husband then unknowingly confirmed his wife’s cell number and workplace, and that was that.

The criminals kept in touch with ‘progress’ calls to see if the victims suspected anything, and to find out what could be seen by the cameras in the corporate building. Needless to say, these guys were smart, and this was not the first time they had taken a car this way. They avoided the camera, had cleverly covered their tracks and disappeared without a trace, but with a car!

Tips to remember to protect yourself from being a victim:

  1. Avoid sharing too much personal information or other details about yourself online
  2. Call and confirm
  3. Trust no one
  4. Verify everything

And always, think before you click.