When cybercriminals target the vulnerable and unknowing.

I was gutted, when my grandpa told me he’d been scammed out of R50 000!

Why didn’t you call me, and ask me to check if it was legit? - was my first question. I could have stopped this, I could have taught you. But as someone in this field, obviously, that was my reaction.

The elderly are seen as easy targets. Often their technical knowledge is limited, they are far too trusting and they may also not have a full-time view on their financial affairs.

My Grandpa received an email from his bank with regards to their rewards program. In the mail, it said he had credit and just needed to log in to his banking to transfer the credits to his current account.

As a general rule, never click a link in an email to log in to sensitive accounts, rather enter the URL yourself.

The banking website he was taken to was fake. He ‘logged in’ as usual, and that was that. The criminals had access to his accounts.

Needless to say, after coming clean and telling me what happened, I spoke to all my grandparents about cybercrime, tactics, and scams. This is so critical and definitely worth the dinner time conversation.