“Today there is no doubt that the human element is one of the weakest links in the Internet security chain. With the convenience of mobile devices, cyber criminals are relying on the communal and trusting nature of people, as a way to steal companies information rather than trying to bypass sophisticated security systems, “ says Anna Collard, Director of Popcorn Training, a specialist IT Security and Awareness training company.

Phishing, weak password and data management, cloud security and the risks inherent in the emerging trend towards Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) provide easy in-roads to cyber criminals.

Corporations’ own human capital and potential human fallibility are one of the greatest threats to Information security. ‘That is where the inspiration for Popcorn Training came from. We believe that the three pillars of a successful information security program are governance, technology and education. With impactful and memorable Security Awareness Training, organizations can raise staff awareness ultimately resulting in positive behaviour change towards information security. This in conjunction with sound security policies, processes and effective technology will improve companies’ overall information risk and security posture,’ she adds.

The value that lies in knowledgeable, security-aware staff is far-reaching. When end-users become security assets rather than liabilities an organization is truly security conscious.

The Popcorn Training team draws on many years of IT Security and communication management experience to effectively get their vital message through to corporate staff. Using high quality video animation, the material is easily accessible and entertaining, featuring short stories that are well told and carry important, punchy messages. And while the training material applies to companies, it also teaches practical skills helping individuals navigate the increasingly complex world of Internet threats that they face in their daily personal lives.

The Popcorn Training System is customizable in separate modules covering different security themes or topics, followed by a short quiz summarizing key messages. ‘We package the material into an engaging, continuing story line that connects all security awareness focus topics and shows the desired end behaviour in the working environment.

“Scores gathered by the training system are then made available via reports outlining who participated in the awareness campaign and how well their understanding of the material is,” Claire Hoets, director and co-founder, explains. As an overall package, the Popcorn Training offering represents an entertaining, simple, and efficient solution that addresses regulative requirements for awareness training, with nominal management effort.”

Popcorn Training’s products are already in use by companies such as Old Mutual and Peninsula Beverage and other South African corporate enterprises in the retail, financial and telecommunication sector. With great reputable partners in the security industry such as Performanta and nClose, a growing client base and shining reports from customers, Popcorn Training is an essential component of a comprehensive security program addressing modern day threats and legislative requirements.