Cybercriminals are quickly shifting their attention to the African continent and other emerging economies. The sharp increase in digitization and mobile financial transactions, as well as a relatively unregulated environment, makes Africa highly attractive for criminals. How can you prepare your organization to deal with this increased risk to the region?

Join Anna Collard, Managing Director of KnowBe4 Africa, and Joanna Huisman, SVP of Strategic Insights and Research, as they discuss the findings from the KnowBe4 Africa Cybersecurity Awareness Report and share actionable security tips you can use now.

You will learn about:

  • The most at-risk countries in Africa and the unique challenges they face
  • The cybercrime status on the African continent
  • Why phishing, malware and credential theft is a huge risk
  • Tips that can be used now to help keep your organization safe
  • The importance of training your users to create your human firewall

Don’t let your organization become the next victim! Learn how you can better protect your network today.

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