Milwaukee, WI, USA March 20, 2017 – PhishLine, a leader in empowering decisive action against social engineering and phishing threats for enterprise security teams, has announced a content-provider partnership with Popcorn Training, a South African-based security awareness company.

Popcorn Training has created content with the end-user in mind, which helps organizations to achieve change in behavior through engaging awareness material. “Behavior changing techniques, such as PhishLine’s powerful phishing simulations, combined with Popcorn Training’s engaging content, allows companies to demonstrate real change in security user awareness,” says Anna Collard, CEO and founder of Popcorn Training. “PhishLine and Popcorn Training’s three-prong approach of phishing simulations, engaging and short training material, as well as marketing elements, make this partnership a powerful change management offering.”

Customers rely on PhishLine’s Content Center MarketplaceTM as a one-stop shop for a wide variety of the most innovative, fresh and effective training materials from world-class providers. This deep catalog of training content is a critical component in connecting organizationally relevant security awareness activities and training to behavioral management initiatives. “Our clients are always searching for new and engaging training material to keep their employees educated as the first line of defense against social engineering and phishing threats,” says Mark T. Chapman, President and founder of PhishLine. “Adding Popcorn Training’s story based animation and high-quality video production training material to our catalog will provide PhishLine’s clients with even more options to keep their employees educated, engaged and entertained.”

About Popcorn Training

Headquartered in Western Cape South Africa, Popcorn Training is a creative security awareness company. We have suffered death by PowerPoint many times and feel that understanding policy requirements doesn’t need to be overwhelming for the user. This inspired us to create security awareness training that is entertaining, effective and most importantly memorable. By engaging users and making security personally relevant, we enable behavior change and teach cyber vigilance. Our combined experience and qualifications in security and governance, information technology, training, corporate communications, psychology, change management and marketing allows us translate complex security subjects into relevant, simple and memorable training material. To learn more about Popcorn Training, visit

About PhishLine

Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, USA, PhishLine empowers the world’s most complex organizations to provide targeted and relevant security awareness and anti-phishing behavior management training. PhishLine’s unique approach to security training allows security awareness mangers to choose from thousands of security awareness training resources, while aligning the training with live-fire social engineering tests.

The goal is clear: Provide Information Security Professionals with the tools, resources and measurement capabilities needed to overcome the ever-increasing challenge associated with social engineering and phishing threats. To learn more about why Fortune 100 and Global 2000 companies value PhishLine’s thought leadership in the areas of social engineering, phishing and risk management, visit

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