Nclose’s newly forged partnership with Popcorn Training rounds off its comprehensive approach to threat prevention and management. This partnership offers an integrated series of security awareness modules that engage company staff through the medium of story-telling. Supported by an innovative online training management system, security awareness for staff and customers has just become a low-maintenance task for management and security teams alike.

With a solid track record and glowing reports from customers, Nclose is proud to feature the Popcorn Training products in its arsenal of security threat measures. As an essential component of a holistic approach to addressing modern day threats and legislative requirements, this awareness suite is a must have for any company that takes security threat prevention and awareness seriously.

“A universal issue in raising security threat awareness among staff is obtaining buy-in – so that team members act on what they learn in order to change their behaviour,” says Anna Collard, Popcorn Training director. “The Popcorn Training modules make use of the oldest form of information transfer known to man – story-telling – to get people’s attention and help them make sense of the information in a way that is productive.”

Deployment, tracking and measurement of staff members’ progress and engagement with the material, is effortlessly managed by an online training management system.

“Scores and measures gathered by the training management system can easily be included in audit reports,” Martin Potgieter, Nclose director, explains. “As an overall package, the Popcorn Training offering represents a simple, effective solution that also addresses imminent legislative requirements with minimal management effort.”

The Popcorn Training package is available in separate modules that can be purchased and used off-the-shelf, or customised in several ways to suit company requirements. Using high-definition video and online animation, the material is easily accessible and entertaining – all at once – featuring short stories that are well told and carry important, punchy messages.

Topics covered include phishing, mobile device security, password and data management, Internet threats, cloud security and the risks inherent in the emerging trend towards bring your own device (BYOD).

“With mobile devices now permanent residents on most corporate networks, it is the human element of threat management that deserves attention more than ever before. And while the wisdom imparted by the training material is useful for companies’ compliance programmes, it also teaches practical skills and sensitivities that help individuals navigate the increasingly complex world of Internet threats that they face in their daily lives,” says Collard.

Developed with the help of a leading South African financial services group, Popcorn Training’s products have been used with great effect by blue-chip listed companies from the telecommunications, food and beverage, and fashion industries.