Multi-factor authentihuh?... Two-Factor Authenti...what?

Two-Factor Authentication… you may have heard about it, you may have read about, you might even have an app for it... but you don’t really know what it is, or why you need it.

Two-factor authentication is a one time pin that is required with your passwords in order to access certain accounts. It makes it harder for criminals to access your accounts unless they have both your PIN and your two-factor authentication code generator. This could be either a security token; a one time pin or a biometric factor like a fingerprint or even a selfie.

That still sounds complicated?

Think about when you buy something with your credit card online. You need to pop in your cell number or email address and you receive an OTP (one time pin) before the transaction can be concluded. That is an example of two-factor authentication

When it comes to critical accounts like banking and email, it is important to activate two-factor authentication, and there are plenty of methods you can choose, so go with whatever appeals to you most, whether it be: text, voice call, an app, email, push notification or physical keys.

Two-factor authentication, when applied correctly, can create that additional layer of security, making it harder for criminals to access your data, however, it is always important to think, before you click.