Most of us know the hassle involved when it comes to a phone being lost or stolen. Hundreds of lost pictures, contacts and a well-built database of apps.

But something that people neglect to consider is how much confidential information is housed in that pocket-sized device.

Does your phone have your work email? Do any other work-related activities take place via your mobile device?

Cloud access enables us to access corporate data from any device at any location, making it extremely difficult if not impossible for traditional IT security. Think about the employee on the go, the sales rep on the road, or the manager jetting across the country to attend countless meetings. These people need to be connected and able to access company documents and online tools..

So how do you find a balance between convenience/efficiency and safety?

Securing Your Mobile

  • You should have have ‘Find my phone’ or ‘remote wipe’ on your  phone
  • Two-factor authentication must be a requirement for corporate email access
  • Access to cloud storage where organisational documentation is contained should also require two-factor authentication
  • Every device needs a biometric-PIN or passcode
  • Be wary of suspicious links in emails or text messages
  • Be wary of public WiFi
  • Only download official apps from the app stores

Surf safely, and take care of your mobile devices. And should something happen, remember to notify your company IT security, your service provider and the police immediately.