Our light-hearted Cyber Heroes series takes viewers on a journey with reformed cybercriminal Norm, who teaches users how to be cyber savvy. We see attack scenarios and how targets responses either turn them into cyber victims or cyber heroes

A different security topic is addressed in each of the episodes with corresponding quizzes and include:


This episode introduces the Cyber Heroes series, it's characters and overall training themes

Internet Threats

Understand how to navigate the Internet without falling victim to malicious code and drive-by downloads

Don't Take the Bait

This episode explains the concept of phishing and targeted phishing (spearphishing)

Cloudy With a Chance of Phish

Learn to guard yourself against phishing, vishing and password theft

Freaky Leaky

Learn how to prevent data leakage through responsible device usage and vigilance when dealing with sensitive information

Dicey Devicey

Bringing your own device (BYOD) introduces a number of vulnerabilities. Learn how to work around them to ensure your data is not compromised

Mobile Mayhem

Mobile Mayhem looks at the value of data on mobile devices (USB sticks, mobile phones), and general mobile device best practice

CEO Fraud

This compact module looks at CEO scams. It shows how legitimate these scams can look and how to protect yourself

Pass the Password

Provides users with tips on how to create and remember strong passwords

Password Tips

This compact module looks at best practise when it comes to creating passwords. We explore password keepers and two-factor authentication

Social Media Fever

Learn about how social media can make you vulnerable and how best to engage with it in line with corporate values

Tailgating, Stranger Danger

This concise module explains the potential threat of tailgating and why sign-in mechanisms for guests are of such high importance